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Irrigation Systems



The design of a good irrigation system is different for every yard and is a crucial part of your landscaping. A good irrigation system is key to keeping your yard green and healthy. We provide custom watering systems for homeowners and businesses. Wagner’s Landscaping is knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of an irrigation system.


When we design a sprinkler system for you, we take into account all aspects. The right system for your lawn depends on many factors including the type of grass, the size of your yard, and the layout of your yard. Our team will design an appropriate system that takes into account all of these factors.



After the installation and setup is complete, we will still be there to repair and keep your irrigation system up to date. If you are having a problem with your current system we can help. We are familiar with the following types of systems: Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro.


We have installed, repaired, renovated and maintained hundreds of sprinkler systems over the last 25 years.Our team is fully equipped to handle all sprinkler system repairs and we offer 24hr emergency service as well.


Consultations are always free. Same day service for your irrigation system is usually possible; however, certain times of the year have a higher demand. April-Auguts are the busiest times for irrigation systems.


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